How to get fit and healthy and/or lose weight WITHOUT leaving the house even if you have a million things to do with the kids and only have limited free time to work on your fitness

During the webinar, we're going to cover how to get fit and healthy and/or lose weight without leaving the house even if you have a million things to do with the kids and only have limited free time to work on your fitness

This webinar is perfect for:

  • Mums who feel they don't look as good as they used to before having kids
  • Mums who want to wear a smaller dress size after having kids
  • Mums who want to look good again in their favourite outfits after having kids
  • Mums who want to enjoy looking at photos of themselves again after having kids
  • Mums who think they've got no time to work on their fitness while being with the kids
  • Mum's who have tried to get fit after having kids and gave up
  • Mum's who don't know how to start their journey to getting fit after having kids
  • Mum's who think getting fit after having kids is unachievable and don't even start

If any of the above sound familiar, this FREE webinar is for YOU!

In this BRAND NEW webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Life Hacking – being creative, thinking outside the box and innovating in order to achieve things in your life that would be otherwise unobtainable.  And we have a corker of a Life Hack for you!
  • Upward Spirals – setting off a chain reaction of positive, life altering and improving behaviours. And how fitness can be the spring-board into a fantastic upward spiral for you.
  • Why self-care is not selfish – getting over notions of mum-guilt and allowing the space to be the best version of you for your family.  We have smart ways of allowing for this and minimizing trade offs.
  • Small investments for big wins – there is no silver bullet - you can't put zero effort in – but you can break it down into manageable chunks and we have tried and tested methods to share with you.
  • Giving something a try – the first place to start on a journey of self-improvement, a happier life and making necessary changes is to give it a go.  And we have the perfect platform to allow you to do this.

Meet your hosts:

Anna Forbes Entrepreneur, Life Hacker & Champion of mum’s fitness

After years of a successful professional career Anna decided to throw it all in to help support mums regain their confidence and empower them with the ability to prioritise self-care in their lives, through some crafty life hacks – by co-creating real-time fitness platform Ponzu. 

Lee Turner Personal Trainer @ Ponzu

Lee is an uber trainer. He’s got years of experience training all sorts of people from the super fit, to the ‘I don’t know where to start’. His speciality is short and sweet early morning sessions, catering to mums on their personal fitness journey, allowing a fun but effective way of getting into shape without adding more stress into your life with added logistics and childcare concerns and the resulting trade-offs.


Everyone who attends the free webinar will receive our free Fitness & Wellbeing Planner!  The BONUS will be available for you you to download towards the end of the webinar.  The planner will allow you to properly plan your fitness routine around your busy schedule so you can accomplish your goals faster then you thought possible.

Places on the webinar are limited!  Reserve your seat now and join us for the webinar that will put you on the path to looking great, being fitter, and being healthier so you can live a longer and happier life with your family

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