Busy mums!  Want your pre-baby body back BUT don't know where to start?

Let's chat to see if online fitness coaching is right for you

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Suitable for both first timers and experienced fitness driven mums looking to smash their fitness goals after having kids while juggling work, family life and childcare commitments

You can do this! 

Online coaching will put you on the path to achieving your fitness goals:

  • To look as good as you used to before having kids - or even better
  • To wear a smaller dress size (or two) after having kids
  • To look amazing in your favourite outfit again after having kids
  • To enjoy looking at photos of yourself again after having kids
  • To get fit after having kids WITHOUT giving up this time

Personalised workout plans to smash your fitness goals

  • Get in your best shape possible - feel more confident, stronger and daily tasks will feel easier to do
  • Tailored plan to meet and smash your fitness goals
  • Accountability coach, have me check in on you after our sessions - you will be supported 100% throughout your fitness journey
  • Sessions done from the comfort of your own home so you can make the most out of your day

Online workouts with real-time feedback & motivation

  • Live interactive online classes with real-time feedback and motivation via Zoom
  • Connect online when it best suits you with hundreds of workouts catered for you
  • Included exercises are done in quick 30 minute sessions from the comfort of your own home

Weekly meal plans to achieve faster and better results

  • Individually designed so you can enjoy foods you do like and have a plan that suits your lifestyle
  • Food prep that you can do without spending hours cooking.
  • 4-week food meal planning (every week you will receive a new plan)
  • Regular food tips and advice

Advice to improve/change your lifestyle and habits

  • Adjusting your lifestyle to help you feel your best to be the best version of yourself
  • Understand your own path to wellness, how sleeping, eating and exercising will help you on the long run and boost your self confidence
  • Advice and guidance how to improve/change your current lifestyle and habits 

Meet your coach:

Anette Grasmo PT and champion of mums fitness (pre and post-natal exercise and nutrition)

Hi, my name's Anette, and I'm personal trainer and online fitness coach with a real passion for helping mums get back into shape after having kids. I'd like to help you get your pre-baby body back so you can look and feel great in your favorite outfits again.

Here's what a few of my amazing mums are saying about training with me:

I've been training with Anette for more than a year and I enjoyed each single session! She always raised my limits and keep challenging me. I am very grateful that we continued to train online during lockdowns! She managed to keep me motivated during the toughest months of lockdown, and she played a big part not only on my physical health but also mental health!!

I’m very pleased with all the results I have achieved with Anette! She is an amazing PT🤩🤩


Today's class with Annette was wonderful. I had great time with her and the workout served me really well.

She chose the level of difficulty perfectly for me, so it was challenging but still fun. It was great :) I'm pretty sure that this way my Bum will be perfectly sculpted pretty quickly. Thank you!


Great class ! Anette made sure to adapt to everyone's level and was super encouraging. I sweated all the way through and discovered muscles I never knew I had


My bum is fire now after this great class using resistance bands. The exercises were creative and not your standard ones, so it was challenging even for those who are trained already. And beginners can always choose a lighter band. Highly recommend!


This class is awesome, Anette will take great care of you and ensure you get a really fab workout, with major focus on the glutes. You will get a serious burn and sweat on - so you know it's working!


This class is amazing! The movements are super effective without being overly complicated. I love working out with Anette! Her classes are always upbeat and stress-free.


Want your pre-baby body back BUT don't know where to start?

Let's chat to see if online fitness coaching is right for you 

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